Earn and Learn

Earn and Learn is underway in 2014. Students have set up their own bank accounts using Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets. All Grade 6 students applied for a position, submitting a cover letter, resume and reference letters. They have all gained employment as a government worker or through a business. Students earn income each week from their wage or business and pay expenses such as income tax, rent and electricity. We have seen some great marketing including professional business cards and sausage sizzles!

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Week 6

Hi all,
This week 6B did lots of things. In Science, we did an experiment with yeast, water and sugar. In Maths, we worked on algebra and patterns. We did some activities in our books. We had Grade 5/6 netball tryouts. In Sport, we did long jump and hurdles. Also the new netball stadium was complete. In Art, we started a new project where we draw a face and draw shades on the face and then draw a reflection in the shades in colour. In P.E we are doing lots of practice for the athletics. That’s all we did this week. Bye M.F.


Week 5 update…

This week we have been given our first homework task on the iPads for the year. We need to do some organising, Maths, Reading, Writing, P.E, and Geography to complete the task and record it down in Pages. We started a big geography project where we had to study a country of our choice in the world and a country in Asia. In Maths, we have been working with 6A. We do lots with shapes and hands on activities and number activities in our maths books. We’re also learning about prime numbers and composite numbers. M.F