Bendigo Writer’s Festival

Last Friday we attended the Bendigo Writers Festival. Students listened to Jackie French, Sophie Masson and Gabrielle Wang talk about their lives as authors. We also participated in a session with animator, Chris Kennett.

Students have made some excellent interviews with Gabrielle Wang and Sophie Masson using Tellagami and iMovie. Check out their blogs to see them!




Week 5 update…

This week we have been given our first homework task on the iPads for the year. We need to do some organising, Maths, Reading, Writing, P.E, and Geography to complete the task and record it down in Pages. We started a big geography project where we had to study a country of our choice in the world and a country in Asia. In Maths, we have been working with 6A. We do lots with shapes and hands on activities and number activities in our maths books. We’re also learning about prime numbers and composite numbers. M.F