Grade 6 Projects

These past few weeks, the year six level has been working on different projects. One of them is the Ancient Number System. We made a poster about our chosen country. The options were Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Arabic, Karen, Roman, Sumerian, Mayan and Babylonian. We made a poster with many facts about the number system. The second project was the Suitcase project. We had to choose someone who immigrated in the 20th century. We had to make a speech and present a suitcase. In the suitcase would be tickets, passports, certificates and other things that you might find in our subjects suitcase.


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Footy Clinic

On Tuesday the Grade 6 year level got a visit from two Western Bulldogs football players. We did a few warm up exercises and then played some games. We were all able to ask questions and get a signature from them. There was much excitement throughout the event.

We all had a great time.


On Monday, the first day of school for the year 6s, we all walked to a badminton clinic at La Trobe. The clinic went for half an hour. We split into groups of four and had four La Trobe University students teaching us. We practised our hits and learnt some new ones. Then we played a few rallies. All of the groups learnt different things in different ways.

We all had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back next week!