Thunder and lightning writing

Ever Monday, we use visual prompts to come up with writing ideas. We brainstorm words and phrases related to the picture. Then we use these ideas for our independent writing.

Today we looked at some photographs of the lightning in Bendigo last night. We came up with words and similes to describe the lightning and thunder.

This is Renee’s poem.

That Night by Renee 

That night when houses shook,
when the sky lit up
and the clouds boomed so loud.

 That night when no one could sleep,
when they shrunk in worries
and there was no place to hide.

 That night when the storm rained down,
when the people laid sleepless
and the sleepers woke startled.

 The thunder came first,
as if bombing an enemy,
frightening to the unknowing.

 Then lighting hit,
illuminating the world,
frightening to the unknowing.

 That sleepless night,
we all will remember.

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