26 ways with banana ice-cream recipe book

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on creating a banana ice-cream recipe book. We were all given a design brief which said we would be given the base of banana ice-cream and had to decide which mix-ins we would add. We had to come up with two ideas and then develop one. We made the banana ice-cream in class and then created our recipe.

You can view our recipe book online here:


Or you can download a PDF version of our recipe book. You can save this file to your computer. If you have an Apple device (such as an iPhone or iPhone) – view the PDF, click on ‘Open in iBooks’ and the recipe book will be saved in your iBooks.

26 ways with banana ice-cream

What are your favourite mix-ins to add to banana ice-cream? We would love any feedback on our recipes. Please let us know if you make any at home!

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