Thunder and lightning writing

Ever Monday, we use visual prompts to come up with writing ideas. We brainstorm words and phrases related to the picture. Then we use these ideas for our independent writing.

Today we looked at some photographs of the lightning in Bendigo last night. We came up with words and similes to describe the lightning and thunder.

This is Renee’s poem.

That Night by Renee 

That night when houses shook,
when the sky lit up
and the clouds boomed so loud.

 That night when no one could sleep,
when they shrunk in worries
and there was no place to hide.

 That night when the storm rained down,
when the people laid sleepless
and the sleepers woke startled.

 The thunder came first,
as if bombing an enemy,
frightening to the unknowing.

 Then lighting hit,
illuminating the world,
frightening to the unknowing.

 That sleepless night,
we all will remember.

26 ways with banana ice-cream recipe book

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on creating a banana ice-cream recipe book. We were all given a design brief which said we would be given the base of banana ice-cream and had to decide which mix-ins we would add. We had to come up with two ideas and then develop one. We made the banana ice-cream in class and then created our recipe.

You can view our recipe book online here:

Or you can download a PDF version of our recipe book. You can save this file to your computer. If you have an Apple device (such as an iPhone or iPhone) – view the PDF, click on ‘Open in iBooks’ and the recipe book will be saved in your iBooks.

26 ways with banana ice-cream

What are your favourite mix-ins to add to banana ice-cream? We would love any feedback on our recipes. Please let us know if you make any at home!

Earn and Learn

Earn and Learn is underway in 2014. Students have set up their own bank accounts using Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets. All Grade 6 students applied for a position, submitting a cover letter, resume and reference letters. They have all gained employment as a government worker or through a business. Students earn income each week from their wage or business and pay expenses such as income tax, rent and electricity. We have seen some great marketing including professional business cards and sausage sizzles!

20140822-105238.jpg 20140822-105302.jpg  20140822-105319.jpg

Bendigo Writer’s Festival

Last Friday we attended the Bendigo Writers Festival. Students listened to Jackie French, Sophie Masson and Gabrielle Wang talk about their lives as authors. We also participated in a session with animator, Chris Kennett.

Students have made some excellent interviews with Gabrielle Wang and Sophie Masson using Tellagami and iMovie. Check out their blogs to see them!




Grade 6 Projects

These past few weeks, the year six level has been working on different projects. One of them is the Ancient Number System. We made a poster about our chosen country. The options were Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Arabic, Karen, Roman, Sumerian, Mayan and Babylonian. We made a poster with many facts about the number system. The second project was the Suitcase project. We had to choose someone who immigrated in the 20th century. We had to make a speech and present a suitcase. In the suitcase would be tickets, passports, certificates and other things that you might find in our subjects suitcase.


image image

Footy Clinic

On Tuesday the Grade 6 year level got a visit from two Western Bulldogs football players. We did a few warm up exercises and then played some games. We were all able to ask questions and get a signature from them. There was much excitement throughout the event.

We all had a great time.